Abelssoft PC Fresh 2019 full version download free 5.19.52 optimize windows 10, 8, 7, pc software crack optimization

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    things tend to degrade in time, decompose or loose thei configurations, so is you dear windows 10, 8.1, 7 and sometimes it need a refresh help, you need help too in order to feel that deceiving idealistic positive state of mind, and when errors strikes you may get depressed if other life troubles occur too, this piece of crap software claim that to have some optimized confiraions of services and start-up applications, buy you could do also a manual setting, i dont know, try it and write down
    windows 10 optimization software utility cleaner
    PC Fresh optimizes computer/laptops with windows 10 and now, with its open-with-Manager, file associations too! Windows does what it pleases, and that’s usually far too much. “PC Fresh” cuts the fat off, ending unnecessary Windows 10 services, pruning startup programs, and resolving system slowdowns. Additionally, the software finds lost application serial numbers hidden on the system and allows the user to customize various aspects of Windows. PC Fresh includes, also, a manager for easily assigning file associations (e.g. opening .txt files with WordPad).



    updated 21 october 2019, version 5.19.52 retail activated

    virustotal report

    a simple and free alternative is AutoRuns, i use it, just watch “LOGON”, “SHEDULED TASKS” and “SERVICES” …the only secret of optimization is to keep less appplications, services and drivers that starts with windows

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