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    Ghostbusters: The Video Game for pc makes the most of the ghostbusting equipment featured in the films. The proton pack is undoubtedly the star of the show. In most cases, you use its stream to wear down ghosts, then you’re able to wrangle them towards a trap, slamming them down to stun them further, then bam! Into the trap they go. As you face tougher enemies, new methods are needed in addition to this, and the proton pack, and other equipment can be upgraded to help you out in that regard. It also causes damage to the environment, which racks up onscreen in a cash amount. That bizarrely helps pay for your upgrades (though there’s a trophy to try and keep that damage to a minimum).

    As you may have noticed with previous entries in the ‘Based on the Hit Film‘, getting a licensed game right is a very tricky thing for a variety of reasons, but as games have evolved, the technology has gotten closer to being able to capture the spirit of the films they’re based on, and married that to genuinely enjoyable games.




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