Make Sail download free pc game full version steam physics sea exploration latest update 2018

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    sailing was another major navigation breakthrough in human civilization, but building and driving boats was a risky hazardous job, just see for yourself,Snap together planks, poles, sails, masts, jets, propellers, balloons, sparklers and more. Take care that it floats….and right side up.Cross the sea to find pieces to make your ship bigger, faster, stronger, prettier, stranger, wilder: more yours.Every island lets you redesign and rebuild.

    system requirements pc: Windows 10, 8.1, 7 – Processor: 2 GHz dual Core i5 – Memory: 4 GB RAM – Graphics: Intel HD 4400 (OpenGL 4.5 or higher required)….Make boats and sail them. Build, explore, expand, discover. Sail your ships through changing water and wind inside the eye of a storm

    latest updatef 16 july 2018
    – extract and play, english

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