PassFab 4WinKey Ultimate v6.6.0.9 download free pc full version windows 10 recover reset admin passwords

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    recover reset forgatton administrator accounts in windows 10, 8.1, 7, Losing Windows password of your computer will cause a lot of troubles. Except factory reset the Windows system, you can also retrieve the password to revisit your PC. No need to reinstall Windows operating system, no data loss or damage.

    Windows Password Remove: Get rid of Administrator, Domain or other local guest user password when you can’t remember it.
    Windows Password Reset: Reset Administrator, Domain or other local guest user password when the password is incorrect.
    Microsoft Password Reset: Change Microsoft account login password with single click to regain access to locked PC.
    Windows Account Delete: Prune away an old Windows admin or local account immediately when you don’t have permission to delete account.
    Windows Account Create: Set up a new Windows admin account quickly when you are lossing access to user account.




    11 august 2019, latest version…ultimate v6.6.0.9

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