The Collini Case (Der Fall Collini 2019)

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    political-thriller german film, with a common theme (they are only a few),  but well realized  …
    “A brutal murder of an elderly German businessman arouses public interest. A young lawyer who just took the bar exam gets the criminal’s lawyer out of office as an advocate. He will soon realize that the crime victim was actually the person who murdered him. he grew up and took care of his education in the absence of the mother who had to work. His duty as a lawyer will force him to seek the truth, even at the cost of breaking his ties with the people he grew up with. He will find out that this crime is not a crime with cold blood but an act of justice in a world that has hidden the unpleasant things under the rug. ”

    rate imdb:  7.2  –



    subtitrat romana

    with english subtitle on CC


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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